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13Apr Duck!!

It's been a really wild week here in Jersey, but before you think I've been raving away the last 7 days, let me explain...

For the last month or so, we have had a pair of ducks visiting our garden every day to eat the seed that has fallen from out bird feeders.  After a while they started coming right up to the patio and we'd throw them some seed, if we don't notice they've arrived, they quack rather loudly to make us aware that they're there.  On Monday, they decided that the garden was safe enough to relax and have a doze in.  They were so relaxed that they didn't mind me taking some pictures, and were not bothered when we sat on the patio chatting and watching them.  I feel so honoured that they trust us enough to stay in the garden even when we are there too.


On Tuesday, I had another duck encounter.  On my way home from work, I came across a Mummy Duck and her 9 (yes 9) babies who were smack bang in the middle of the road.  One of the babies appeared to be injured.  I stopped the car, well aware that I was going to cause a massive tailback, but there was no way I was going to let anything happen to the ducks.  A massive lorry was coming in the opposite direction and I managed to move the duck and her ducklings to the side of the road.  The trouble was that there was no where for them to go, a 50ft granite verge one side and a wall the other so we were stuck.  A lady in the car behind me called 999 as none of us had the non emergency number and traffic really was building up big time.  She apologised profusely to the operator for calling, but said we didn't know what else to do, she was put through to the JSPCA, unfortunately an answer machine picked up.  Meanwhile I was kept busy by a worried Mum and 9 ducklings who all wanted to go off in different directions, in addition to stopping them going back in to the road (someone was now directing the traffic, to try and get it moving a little),  I also had to try to prevent the babies falling down a grate.  I must have looked very strange using my hands, legs and feet to keep them all together.   A very kind chap who lived up the road came down with a crate and suggesting putting the ducklings in it, which we did.  I've never handled ducklings before, but it was easy as I scooped each one up and out them in the crate.  They were so soft!  Mum, we decided, was not going to be so easy, so we were overjoyed when an officer from the JSPCA turned up with a cat box for her.  He'd been called by someone who'd been stuck in the traffic jam, thank goodness!!  He caught Mum easily and popped her in the box and took them back to the Animal Shelter to get checked over before they were released somewhere a lot safer.



My last brush with nature involved a new visitor to the garden.  A lovely little hedgehog.  She turned up early evening on Thursday and spent a good 15 minutes picking up seed from under the feeders.  We didn't see her on Friday, but she has been back both evenings since then.  We put out some mealworms for her which she (very noisily) chomped happily!!

So, not only are we feeding the garden birds (Sparrows, Tits, Robins, Wren etc) we are supporting a pair of Ducks, a pair of Jays, several Pheasants and a Hedgehog (and maybe her babies too).  We are so lucky to be living in the country!!

I now need to go make some jewellery, feeding all these animals is costing a small fortune.

Until next time!

S x

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