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13Jan let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Hello there!!  Welcome to more jottings from Jersey....  
Winter is returning I hear, and I'm sorry if you don't like it....and I DO know it's inconvieniant etc.  But I so want some snow!!  Firstly a couple of 'snow day' school closures would be nice ;) 4 day weekend with plenty of craft time....ooh yes please!  Also I'd like to try some snow photography too :) and lastly I just want to be a kid and go an build a snowman!!  Little things and all that ;)

BUT as I am where I am all we're likely to see is rain and sleet :(

Despite me saying last week that Monday was going to bring 'action, action, action' I only got moving yesterday and made a pretty little bracelet and pair of earrings....thinking of starting a new collection with it as it's basis.  It's made with Swarovski Crystal....(no surprises there I hear you cry) in Black Diamond and Jet and features sterling silver beads and a crystal hear.  I thought about calling it 'Shades' given the 2 shades of black used.... 

I used my usual lamps to take the pics (as well as the camera obviously) but I bought some daylight bulbs to go in them and the difference in my photography was well worth the expense (although I don't think £11.99 for the pair was overly expensive) see what you think.


Am going to make a necklace to match as well as variations on the theme I think.

So that's me for this week.... I shall now head over to Handmade Monday!

Bye for now

S x

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