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03Jul Take me to the Prom

It was prom time in the Dragonfly household this weekend. Weeks of shopping for the perfect dress/bag/shoes culminated in a perfect evening on Friday.  Although in the week running up to it, I didn't think it was all going to come off.  After traipsing all round St Helier looking for the perfect bag (that didn't cost 3 figures) I ordered a beautiful bag from Amazon.  Being a 'Prime' item, I (stupidly) assumed that it would be dispatched the following day and I'd receive it in plenty of time for Prom.  It didn't get dispatched until nearly a week later, and then I was told it wouldn't be arriving until Saturday 2nd July....the day after the prom.  After several emails with Amazon who were really unhelpful, all I could do was appeal to Jersey Post and ask that, if the bag arrived on island on Friday, could they possibly get it to me the same day.  

Friday morning dawned and it was pouring down.... the time the post usually arrives came and went and I had to accept that the bag was not going to come.  I dispatched Matt and Jo into town to go and get the back up bag (Still lovely, but not quite the same) we'd seen 2 weeks before.  I felt really let down by Amazon, especially as we pay £79 a year for the 'Prime' service, but I had to move on and help Jo prepare for her big day.  

Half way through doing Jo's toenails, the doorbell went.  It was only Jersey Post with the bag!!!!  The post lady seemed as glad as me when I confirmed to her that it was the package we'd been waiting for!  Our postal service often gets a bad press (I have been guilty of this myself when things have gone wrong) but this time they'd gone over and above and literally delivered! I could've cried.  I know there are so many bad things going on in the world and a bag not turning up is really insignificant, but when you've worked hard to help your daughter (who has worked her butt off at school) have the best evening possible, little things make a massive difference.  So thank you Jersey Post for going the extra mile!!

I also want to thank Emma-Kate who did Jodie's hair so beautifully.  Her Facebook page is here.  Next came make up, Keira from Urban Rose did a fabulous job of creating the natural look that Jo wanted.



I didn't make any jewellery for Jo (although I customised a bangle of mine with spare jewels from the dress, which she wore as a slave type bangle) as her dress was so heavily embellished, she wore a simple pair of peacock pearl earrings and a crystal/suede cuff.  Her dress was something else!!  We went shopping in April with Jodie wanting 'nothing too gemstone-y and not a 2 piece.... here's what we ended up with.

Probably the blingiest 2 piece in the entire shop, thanks to Ellis for all your help!!  I think you'll agree she chose well though.  Beside her is her lovely young man Leo.  They have been together for 18 months now and he turned up at ours with some gorgeous flowers. 

She was driven to the Radisson Blu hotel in St Helier by Steve in a fab Bentley, borrowed from work (Jacksons).               

A fab time was had by all.

Now it's all over, I can start turning the ideas I have floating around in to pieces of jewellery.  I have a fab range of beach themed charms coming soon and some new doodles too!  So watch this space!!

Bye for now 

S x



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