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16Sep How early is 'too early'? - Pre Christmas blog

When is the right time to start promoting Christmas (aka the 'C' word)?  Go on to any social media in September and you'll see people posting photos of Christmas products hitting the shops in astonishment.  The nights have barely started drawing in these days, when the family tins of Quality Street and Roses (which are getting smaller each year, but that's another blog post) hit the shelves.  Even before Halloween hits, the shops are selling mince pies,  christmas puddings (most with best before dates well before December let alone the big day)  selection boxes and advent calendars.  

Before I started my business, I would be in the majority of people who say this is all too early.  However, now I am 'in retail' so to speak, I do understand a little more now why things start early for the festive season.  I do think it's a tad early for foodstuffs, especially ones that go out of date before December has even arrived. 

Christmas, is the time of the year that many small businesses rely on to boost their profits, which in turn can mean the business can support itself in the notoriously quiet first 2 months of the  new year.  

So, I have started early this year.  I have spent the week making Crystal Christmas earrings.  The weather was suitably rubbish, so it didn't feel out of place to be humming Christmas songs as I put together these gorgeous Christmas tree earrings made from Swarovski Crystal™.  I have a new colourway this year, it's a stunning metallic gold with red 'bucket' and 'star'.

Gold Christmas tree earrings

Sadly, I've found it pretty hard to capture their sparkle in a photograph.  They really are quite beautiful.

I have also 2 other colourways that I sold at fairs last year, but not on the website as they were nightmare to photograph.  I managed it this year with a festive red background.

Crystal Christmas EarringsChristmas Tree Earrings

These are clear Swarovski Crystal™ with Aurora Borealis coating which gives the most amazing sparkle when the light hits them.

There are 2 additional versions too.  Foiled silver trees with either red or tanzanite 'buckets'.

Silver & tanzanite christmas tree earringsSilver & red christmas tree earrings

I will be spending the next few weeks making the now famous Snowman earrings,  this year they'll be available with lilac and silver scarves as well as the traditional red.

Snowman Earrings

So, Christmas has started for me...  I have plans for a few events in the next few months so am being prepared!!

If you see a small business near you advertising Christmas bits, please support them!  Buy from independent retailers/makers and discover new, unique gifts that will help these companies stay in business for many years to come.   

Thanks for reading!

S x

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